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3707 – The Mighty Middle: Turn Transactional Members into Donors Amy Nelson, Lindsay Gramlich, Suzette Sherman
3709 – Leveraging Insight with Analytics for Data Driven Decisions Angie Judge, Corey Timpson, Douglas Hegley, Liz Hay, Samir Bitar
3711 – Your Best Foot Forward: Skills for Professional Success Dan Yaeger
3820 – Case Study: Overtime Eligibility: What Your Institution Needs to Know Andrew Bart
3821 – #TransformiveEd:Exploring Difficult Subjects through Comics Evan Keeling, Jason Rodriguez, Jenny Robb, Lawrence-Minh Davis, Rafael Medoff
3822 – Bridging Missions: Balancing Partnership and Standards Regina Faden, Silas Hurry, William Roberts
3823 – Designing for Outrage: Inviting Disruption into Exhibitions Barbara Lau, Jennifer Scott, Suzanne Seriff, Yolanda Leyva,
3824 – The Art of Observation: Museums and Medical Professionals Amanda Blake, Julia Langley, Kathleen Hutton, Lorena Bradford, Rebecca Granados
3826 – Designing Emotion Christine Reich, Ellen Snyder-Grenier, Jennifer Scott, Sarah Hezel, Stacey Mann
3827 – Case Study: Flourish: An Inclusive Exhibit Planning Approach Maura Nelson Clifford
3828 – Offering Low Tech Audience Engagement in a High Tech World Amy Nelson, Brandy Vause, Erin Adams, Nathalie Ryan,
3829 – Using Experiments to Improve Visitor Experience Andrew Pekarik, James Schreiber, Jean Francois Leger, Kiersten Latham,
3830 – The Emergence of the Edu-Curator Ann Rowson Love, Kaywin Feldman, Maureen Zaremba, Pat Villeneuve,
3831 – Internships for Small Museums Lin Nelson-Mayson, Regina Lynch, Richard Harker, Richard Toon,
3832 – Case Study: Mending a Vulnerable Society Via Healing Museum Experiences Brenda Cowan, Jan Seidler Ramirez, Ross Laird
3833 – Straight Talk: What DO Directors Want from Development? Andrew Walker, Carl Hamm, Frances Levine, William Harris
3834 – Case Study: Transforming Terror into Transmission, Education, and Repair Alejandra Naftal
3835 – Developing Museum Audiences in the Middle East Emma Freeman, Martyn Best, Shaika Alnassr, Sherif El-Itriby
3836 – Museums are for Everyone: Making Accessibility a Priority Caroline Braden, Emmanuel von Schack, Maren Levad, Meredith Gregory
3837 – Interpreting Sacred Art for Secular Audiences Chaim Lieberperson, Gurufateh Khalsa, Sarah Magnatta, Shaliyah Ben, Tara Young
3838 – Risk Management and Volunteers: What Could Go Wrong? Aaron Haag, Gwen Nelmes, Lois Kuter, Robbin Davis
3839 – Tech Disruption and the Art of Thinking Fast Devin Dotson, Jessica Murphy, Layla Masri, Rob Shenk
3840 – Hip Hop and Spoken Word Pedagogy in Museums Jon West-Bey, Laura Perez, Timothy Burnside, William Reynolds
3841 – 360 Leadership: Expand your skills as your career advances Christopher Petrelli, Hillary Olson, Josey Balenger, Marcus Harshaw, Whitney Owens
3842 – Museum Rehab: Starting Over at the Osage Nation Museum Cali Martin, Hallie Winter
3843 – New Ways to Talk About Nature Alex Fairhead, Beth Redmond-Jones, Ian Miller, Karen Wise, Rebecca Menlove
3844 – Exhibit Development Processes Must Change! (Act II) Jenny Sayre Ramberg, Kathleen McLean, Scott Miller, Steve Woolf, Susan Ades
3845 – SEAing is Believing: Award Recipients’ Stories of Progress Beth Redmond-Jones, Kristen Pratt, Rosemary Roosa, Stephanie Shapiro,
3846 – Break Free: Curating Our Communities Arnie Miller, Brian Cobb, Elissa Yancey, Jennifer Jensen, Sarah Lima
3847 – Race and Experience: An Intersectional Dialogue Gretchen Jennings, Janeen Bryant, PJ Policarpio, PORCHIA MOORE, Ryan Hill
3848 – Case Study: #5WomenArtists Take on a Life of Their Own Stacy Meteer
3849 – Case Study: Building Silently: Acoustics Design at Smithsonian’s NMAAHC Julie Fischer
3850 – Incubators, Co-working Spaces, and the Future of Museums Dan Koerner, Julia Kaganskiy, Katrina Sedgwick, Tui Te Hau
3851 – Case Study: The Science Museum and Humanism Todd Schliemann
3852 – Case Study: Art++! Collaborative, Open Source App Development @ Stanford Anna Toledano, Maria del Carmen Barrios
3853 – Case Study: Zooniverse Project Builder: Engaging the Public Online Julie Feldt
3854 – Beyond the Elevator Pitch: Write a Successful NEA Grant Wendy Clark
3855 – Maximizing Earned Income at the New Norton Museum of Art Andrew Andoniadis, James Hall, John Backman, Tracy Lawler
3856 – Engaging the Community: Seeking Equity in Art AIDS America Justin Rabideau, Rock Hushka, Sergio Bessa
3857 – Volunteers: Recruiting, Diversifying and Training Courtney Allen, Joseph Imholte, Laura Steefel-Moore, Mark Osterman
3858 – F*#L: The Other Four-Letter Word Brian Carter, Helen Divjak, Marion McGee, Tara McCauley
3859 – Let’s Talk Religion: Engaging Audiences with the “R” Word Charity Counts, Christian Carron, David Trobisch, Stephen Seals, Terrence Dempsey
3860 – Struggling Toward Visitor-Centeredness Joshua Helmer, Kathleen McLean, Marla Shoemaker, Stacy Lieberman
3861 – Planning the Digital Museum Ali Hossaini, Chris Michaels, Corey Timpson, Robert Stein
3862 – Connecting the Public with Museum Researchers Edward Fleming, Laurie Fink, Megan Smith, Nicole Garneau
3863 – Ethics and Responsibility in Museum Research and Evaluation Christopher Cardiel, Elizabeth Kollmann, Sarah Cohn
3864 – Drawing History: A Daring Adventure in Graphic Storytelling Britt Braaten, Marie-Louise Deruaz
3865 – War and Revolution: Museums and Contested Histories in Ireland Brian Crowley, Labhras Joye, Paddy Gilmore
3866 – Workplace Confidential: Museum Women Talk Gender Equity Ilene Frank, Jessica Phillips, Joan Baldwin, Kaywin Feldman, Wyona Lynch-McWhite
3867 – Case Study: 21st Century Fashionista: Identity Through Color and Style Yoonji Kim
3868 – Tattoo U: Getting Outside to Embrace New Communities Kathryn Brownlie
3869 – Serving Those Who Served: Engaging Veterans in the Museum Greg Owen, Jason Poudrier, Marissa Clark, Sara Lowenburg
3870 – Sustainable Collections Storage: Strategies for our Future Bryan MCGRAW, Carol DeNatale, Christopher Wood, Jeremy Linden, Michele Pacifico
3872 – It’s Critical: Evaluating Museum Volunteers Herbert Jones, Jenny Woods, Marne Bariso, Richard Harker, Tina Nolan
3873 – The Importance of Contextual Information: Past and Present Barbara Forsyth, Jeanie Yoon, Marian Ann Montgomery, Veronica Kandl
3876 – Minds and Hearts: Cultivating Well-Being Through Mindfulness Bethany Corriveau, Dawn Eshelman, isabelle lutterodt, Megan Callan, Zoe Silverman
3877 – Welcoming LGBTQ Communities: Real Strategies in Action Annette Gavigan, Jaden Hansen, James Burns, Matthew Northey, Michael Berlucchi
3878 – 29th Annual Excellence in Exhibition Awards Jason Porter, Jenny Sayre Ramberg, Robert DeHart, Stacey Swigart, Susan Foutz
3880 – Better Flow for a Better Experience Eric Rivers, Sara Devine, Shelley Bernstein
3881 – Exhibition for All: Accessibility in Planning and Development Alison Koch, Amy Weisser, Emmanuel von Schack, Laura Rossi, Marc Cima
3883 – Is Visitor Attentiveness the High Price of Admission? Alice Parman, Daniel Spock, Margaret Marino, Richard Rabinowitz
3884 – Digital Strategy in Action: From Planning to Doing Douglas Hegley, Mark Osterman, Tatum Walker
3885 – 75 Ideas in 75 Minutes: Fresh Ideas for Audience Engagement Daniel Summers, Meghan Curran, Rebecca Gilliam, Tim Hallman
3886 – Achieving Excellence: Conversations with EdCom Award Winners Claudia Ocello, Cynthia Robinson, Heather Schneider, Jason Porter, Lauren Zalut
3887 – You Can’t Always Get What You Want: Inconsistent RH Betsy Bruemmer, Clara Berg, Dana Senge, Jason Young, Jeremy Linden
3888 – Resiliency Planning: Preparing to Preserve and Protect Ann Trowbridge, Ariane Laxo, Paul Martin, Roxanne Nelson
3889 – Copyrighted Material in the Museum: A Path to Fair Use Anne Collins Goodyear, Hunter O’Hanian, Joseph Newland, Judy Metro, Patricia Fidler
3890 – Museums as Builders of Global Communities Cris Scorza, Linda Norris, Sarah Rose, Sheila McGuire
3891 – Tackling Human Rights, Trauma, and Atrocity in Exhibitions Clifford Chanin, Edward Jacobs, Michael Berenbaum
3892 – Unpacking Museum Storage: Working Spaces of Preservation Christopher Wise, Laura Elliff, Michelle Bennett
3893 – Designing Beautiful, Functional, Human-Centered Exhibits Jeff Kennedy, Michael Horvath, Rob Vincent
3894 – Not “One Size”: Designing Interactives for S, M, or L Museums Daniel Spock, Lath Carlson, Michael Horvath, Penny Jennings, Tamara Schwarz
3895 – 75 Ideas in 75 Minutes: Surpassing Best Practices! Charles Katzenmeyer, Jennifer Thomas, Jill Koski, Marts Lundy, Patrick Madden
3896 – Effective Development and Fundraising for the Small Museum Chad Roberts, Jamie Clements, Jennifer Burch
3897 – Global Perspectives on ExhibitionExchange: The ICEE Platform Amanda Mayne, Antonio Rodriguez, Hillary Spencer, Lourdes Ramos, Myriam Springuel
3898 – Putting NAGPRA into Practice: Challenges and Successes Angela Neller, Anne Amati, David Barland-Liles, Jayne-Leigh Thomas, Sarah Glass
3899 – Insiders and Outsiders: Creating Exhibitions Together Carol Bossert, Clare Brown, Polly McKenna-Cress, Walter Crimm, Whitney Owens
3900 – TrendsWatch 2017: Your Annual Glimpse of the Future
3901 – Expo Exposé: Lessons from the Evolution of Pop Culture Expos Braton Grannan, Jeffrey Johnson, Kelley Staab, Paul Freiling
3902 – Universal Design and Creating an Inclusive Museum Environment Anna Leavey, Rhonda Schier, Scott Newman, William Haley
3903 – Coming to a Community Near You: Cultural Master Planning Carolynne Harris, Christine Harris, Daniel Keegan, Nancy Walsh
3904 – Keeping up with Change: Strategic Planning for Cultural Institutions Amy Roth, Gail Lord, Kate Markert
3905 – A Conversation with Johnnetta Betsch Cole Johnnetta Cole, Makeba Clay
3906 – Brewing Up New Approaches to Audience Engagement Elizabeth Garibay, Elizabeth Williams, Kate Livingston, Lance Tawzer, Megan Williams
3907 – Building Community Support for a Public-Private Partnership Robert Moore, Ryan McClure, Scott Newman, William Haley
3908 – Get Hands-on with Virtual Reality! Barry Joseph, John Durrant, Lizzy Moriarty, Marco Castro
3909 – Centering Social Justice in Museum Studies Graduate Programs Devin Malone, Jamie Lewis, Lauren Leving, Sarah Maritza Hernandez
3910 – Optimizing Capacity for Collective Impact – The Power of Networks! Celeste DeWald, Dan Yaeger, Malinda Horton, Paula Gangopadhyay
3911 – Effective Training for Disasters in the Museum World Corine Wegener, Lori Foley, Rebecca Kennedy, Stacy Bowe
3912 – Undoing Colonial Practices in Museums and Historic Sites Ben Garcia, Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko, James Pepper Henry, Laura Roberts
3913 – Case Study: Using Data to Evolve a Membership Program Nicole Krom
3914 – Decolonizing Protocols and Practices in Museum Settings Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko, Heather Anderson, Jaclyn Roessel, Kelly Hyberger, Lael Hoff
3915 – Making the Perfect Pitch: An IMLS Grant Proposal Workshop Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko, Jill Connors-Joyner, Mark Isaksen, Paula Gangopadhyay, Sandra Narva
3916 – Democratizing the Museum: Breaking Barriers to Participation Eric Heiman, Jessica Bicknell, Kamille Bostick, Kate Baillon, Sean Blinn
3917 – Connecting Families to Complex Content in Museums Lindsay Genshaft, Lindsay Newton, Tony Lawson
3918 – Don’t Forget Us! Engaging Sometimes Forgotten Audiences Kaitlyn Riopelle, Lisa Robbins, Thomas Barry
3919 – Researchers and Practitioners: Can We All Get Along? Betsy Loring, Bronwyn Bevan, Christine Reich, Josh Gutwill, Kris Wetterlund
3920 – Innovation through Questioning: Towards a Culture of Inquiry Jennifer Lehe, Jessimi Jones, Rachel Trinkley
3921 – Using Visitor Data to Inform Decision-Making Elisa Israel, Marjorie Bequette, Mat Sinclair, Ryan Auster
3922 – Case Study: Making in Museums with Kids with Developmental Disabilities Charlotte Martin
3923 – Co-curating in a Changing City: Library/Museum Partnerships Leonard Garfield, Marcellus Turner, Regan Pro
3924 – Getting Started on Your Museum’s Diversity Plan Barbara Cohen-Stratyner, M. Cecile Shellman
3925 – Accreditation 101: A User’s Guide to the Process and Benefits Ann Fortescue, Julie Hart, Leonard Freeman, Linda Steigleder, Sharon Bradham
3926 – How Do You Spark Conversations About Race at Your Museum? Brenda Tindal, Catherine Hughes, Joseph Imholte, M. Cecile Shellman
3927 – Change is Hard: Surviving a Museum Renovation with Your Sanity Intact Caitlin Barrett, Katherine Mercier, Megan Hauser
3928 – Museums and Well-Being Carol Ryff, Karen Grøn, Line Chayder, Rainey Tisdale
3929 – Getting Started on Evaluation Methods…Just Not Surveys Marley Steele-Inama, Sarah Cohn
3930 – The Accidental Exhibit Writer Adam Tessier, Bonnie Wallace, Eileen Campbell, Jennifer Lawrence
3931 – Do Museums Reflect Our Society? Alex Elmestad, Beka Economopoulos, Maris Gillette
3932 – Innovating the Future: Impact of Nimble Mid-Sized Museums Aldy Milliken, Linda Harrison, Marilu Knode, Melody Kanschat
3933 – Museum Consortium: The Value of Working Together Carol Summerfield, John Sterr, Julie Farr, Perri Irmer
3934 – DAF to DFA: Donor Advised Funds – Don’t Forget to Ask Anna von Gehr, Bobby Sanderson, Matthew Perlow, Meghan Mortensen, Veronica Brady
3935 – Effective Strategies for Donor Retention and Stewardship Diana Duncan, Judith Gibbs, Leslie Findlen, Usha Subramanian
3936 – Case Study: Bad Vibrations Robert Thurlow
3937 – Perspectives on Open Source for Museums’ Digital Projects David Newbury, Duane Degler, Robert Sanderson
3938 – Enacting Equity and Inclusion: Allyship as Lived Practice Keonna Hendrick, Syrus Ware, Wendy Ng
3939 – Wonder Lives In Your City: The Smithsonian Across America Abe Mohammadione, Ariana Curtis, Cynthia Brandt Stover, Penne Kirkpatrick
3941 – Case Study: Overcoming Obstacles, Building Intrigue, Welcoming Success Diane Carroll
3942 – The Circle of Life: Caring about Caregivers Annie Bobbitt, Elizabeth Rhoads, Maura Nelson Clifford, Meera Jagroop, Sarah Erdman
3943 – Getting Started on Collections Documentation and Photography Becky Bacheller, Jason Smith
3944 – Bring an AmeriCorps VISTA Member to Your Museum Dorothy Bayern, Peter DeCarolis
3945 – Inclusion and Diversity in Curatorial Ethics: A Game Plan Ariana Curtis, Barbara Cohen-Stratyner, Elizabeth Varner, James Burns, M. Cecile Shellman
3946 – Case Study: The “Performing” Museum Gill Hart
3948 – Creating a Culture of Evaluative Thinking and Strategy Katharine Wood, Marley Steele-Inama, Rachel Marino, Sheri Levinsky-Raskin, Stephanie Arduini
3949 – When Your Collections Get In the Way Carolyn Wallace, Carrie Villar, Howard Zar, Julie DeVere
3950 – Measuring Change: Demographic Data for Equity and Inclusion Beth Tuttle, Nisa Mackie, Rebecca Johnson, Richele Donat
3951 – Case Study: Art After Dark: Cultivating a New Generation of Members Allie King
3952 – Case Study: Accessibile Innovations: A Tool Kit For Families Jocelyn Knauf, Laurel Miller, Tricia Edwards
3953 – Access for All: Promoting Accessibility and Inclusion Jill Rullkoetter, Kristen Scopinich, Sandra Narva, Susan Stoessel
3954 – Forwarding Accessibility via Collective Community Networks Cecile Puretz, Christena Gunther, Eileen Bagnall, Kris Johnson, Sheri Levinsky-Raskin
3955 – Exhibit RFPs Bids and Contracts: Working Well With Others George Mayer, Richard Lewis, Scott Perich, Wayne LaBar
3956 – Finding Relevance: Blurring the Line between History and STEM Andrea Jones, Catherine Hughes, Mariruth Leftwich, Sarah Sims
3957 – LGBTQ “Latinxs” in Museums: Challenging Mainstream Narratives Carlos Tortolero, Emmanuel Garcia, Jorge Valdivia
3958 – Choose Your Own Adventure Distance Learning Style Allyson Mitchell, Darryl Batts, Janet Zanetis, William Lenches
3959 – Mistakes Were Made 2017 Enimini Ekong, Jennifer Morgan, Sean Kelley
3960 – Transcending Boundaries: The New “Identity Museum” Avi Decter, Charles Bethea, Deborah Cardin, Lisa Sasaki
3961 – Warheads and Wonder: Displaying Controversial Military Objects Erik Flint, James Walther, Justin Spielmann, Rebecca Harmsen, Valerie Johnson
3962 – Case Study: We’re Students Too: Teaching Incarcerated Youth Megan Bednarz
3964 – Security and Service: Is it Possible to Do Both? Colleen Higginbotham, Jill Boyd, Lauren Girard
3965 – Tactile Art: Expanding Access, Increasing Engagement Ann Cunningham, Rebecca Tucker
3966 – How to Suspend Disbelief: Lessons Learned through Pop-Ups Isabella Bruno, Jason Jones, Nate Koch, Paul Orselli
3967 – We the People: Voices Heard Brian Woodman, Tamara Biggs, Tetsubumi Sayama, Todd Palmer
3968 – Open Doors to Open Minds: Building the New SFMOMA Katherine Wallace, Kelly Bishop
3970 – Engaging Immigrant Families with Art and Technology Programs Blaire Toso, Micheline Lavalle, Philippa Rappoport
3971 – Beyond the Buzzword Christian Adame, Jennifer Schmitt, Marcus Harshaw, Peter Tokofsky, Sarah Bloom
3972 – Case Study: One November Morning: Native American Exhibit Case Study George Levi, Katie Anderson, Roben White, Steven Fountain
3973 – Radical Equity and Inclusion Amber Johnson, David Rue, Nina Simon
3974 – Linking Cultural Museums and Environmental Justice Braden Paynter, Julieanne Fontana, Kerry Olson, Rosa Cabrera
3975 – Case Study: Reaching New Audiences in the Digital World Tim O’Malley
3976 – Taking a Risk: Presenting Tricky Exhibit Topics David Penney, Lizzy Martin, Marjorie Bequette, Sarah Cohn, Susan Foutz
3977 – Case Study: Peace in the Streets: Violence Prevention Through the Arts Patrick Rowe
3978 – The Room Where It Happens: Content and Design Come Together Geralyn Abinader, Karen de Seve, Lauri Halderman, Peter Hyde, Stephanie Reyer
3979 – Interdisciplinary Ideas to Engage Blind/Low Vision Guests Ann Leist, Ashleigh Braggs, Charlotte Martin, Kris Nesbitt, Leigh Ann Mesiti
3980 – Empathy as Disruptive Innovation Adam Rozan, Elif Gokcigdem, Emlyn Koster, Jonathan Carfagno, Ruth Shelly
3981 – Prioritizing Staff Learning: Devote a Day to Your Staff Cherise Taylor, Timothy Mulhall
3982 – Case Study: Civic and Museum Engagement with Millennials Heather Smith, Kamille Bostick, Susan Harden
3983 – Design Trends: “Phygital” to Pokemon Clare Brown, Cynthia Torp, Erica Kelly, Jonathan Alger, Paul Orselli
3984 – Ethics in Changing Times: Soul-Searching over Sponsorship David Fleming, John Wetenhall, Rowan Brown, Sally Yerkovich, Sharon Heal
3985 – Case Study: Museum Cafes: Integrating Food, Money, and Mission Andrew Haight
3986 – Case Study: What is the New President Doing for Museums?
3987 – Case Study: Starting an Accessibility Initiative at Your Organization Kris Nesbitt
3988 – Museum and Community: Collaboration and Crossover Audiences Elizabeth Link, Erin Vigneau-Dimick, Jessica Mannisi, Laura Fowler, Richard Erwin
3989 – Case Study: Empowering Communities in Heritage Entrepreneurship Ana Carrano
3990 – Creating Connections: Artists, Community, Museum Jodie Gorochow, Kristina Mahoney, Leticia Salinas
3991 – It Could Happen to You: Collecting in the Face of Tragedy Adam Ware, Amy Weinstein, George McDaniel, Pam Schwartz, Tamara Kennelly
3992 – When Art Meets Research: Promoting a Quality Toddler Program Kyong Ah Kwon, Meghan Welch, Nicole Cromartie
3993 – Failing Forward: Prototyping, Mistakes and What We Learned Danielle Steinmann, Linda Norris, Maura Hallisey
3994 – Multi-sensory Technology for Accessibility & Inclusion Corey Timpson, Gabriela Bonome-Sims, Janice Majewski, Woodbury Shortridge,
3995 – Beyond Neutrality: Walking the Walk Beka Economopoulos, Elizabeth Wylie, Eric Dorfman, Richard Piacentini, Robert Janes
3996 – Millennials: Creating Their Own Museum Experience Cat Aboudara, Marina Kohler, Michael Wren
3997 – Case Study: Partners in Access: How Two Nonprofits Created an Internship Holly Crawford
3998 – Case Study: Online Publishing: What We’ve Learned and Where We’re Going Greg Albers
3999 – Case Study: How African American Museums Can Remain Relevant John Guess
4000 – Developing Museums Into Inclusive Organizations Cecilia Garibay, Chris Taylor
4001 – Case Study: Listos Para el Museo: Nurturing a New Generation of Visitors Pablita Santos
4002 – Case Study: Beyond the Four Walls: Lurie Children’s Hospital and Shedd Aquarium Tynnetta Qaiyim
4003 – Making BlackLivesMatter in Museums Adrianne Russell
4004 – You Ask: Legal Experts Answer Darlene Bialowski, Eric Fischer, Jennifer McComas, Mark Gold, Ricardo St. Hilaire
4005 – Case Study: Got Emoji? Engaging Teens by Reinventing the Mobile Guide Allison Rogers, Samantha Diamond
4006 – The Path Less Taken: Alternative Routes in the Museum Field Chelsea Hogan, Ethan Angelica, Jennifer Brown
4007 – The Art and Sense of Print Media Dean Phelus, Antonio Alcala, Ed Marquand, Emiko Usui, Greg Nosam
4009 – Human Rights Informed Inclusion Policy and Practice John Fraser, Rebecca Norlander, Robert Davis, Sonnet Takahisa, Tonya Matthews
4010 – Star Wars, Ai Weiwei and Navajo Shoe Games – Making Navajo Culture Relevant in the 21st Century Charlotte Thompson, Clarenda Begay, Manuelito Wheeler, Nate Bitsoi, Randy Haven
4011 – Case Study: Do We Really Know Latin America and the Caribbean? Antonio Rodriguez
4012 – How’s Your Health? Jill Robinson, Zannie Voss
4014 – Tech Tutorial: Managing Digital Content: From Capture to Copyright Cherie Chen, Shyam Oberoi
4015 – Tech Tutorial: Social Media Planning and Analytics Lucy Redoglia
4016 – Tech Tutorial: Mobile Tour Tools Daniel Davis, Nancy Proctor, Richard Cooper
4017 – Tech Tutorial: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Jacques Haba, Matt Derby
4030 – Interpreting Oppression: An Uncomfortable Opportunity Annie Anderson, Ashley Rogers, Devon Akmon, Elon Cook,
4031 – Case Study: Curatorial Catalysts: Infusing First-Voice Representation into Museum Practice Eduardo Díaz, Josh Franco, Margaret Salazar-Porzio, Taina Caragol,
4032 – Case Study: The Uprising: Giving Voice to Inner City Youth Audra Buck-Coleman, Roni Jolley
4033 – Optimizing the Board’s Role in Fundraising Berit Durler, Edward Higgins, Mary Baily Wieler, Maureen Robinson, Robert Davis
4034 – Risk Factors to Organizational Excellence: Lessons learned from the Accreditation Program Burt Logan, Kenneth Schutz, Lourdes Ramos, Stephanie Stebich,
4035 – The Line between Creepy and Cool: Getting Data Driven Decisions Right Colleen Dilenschneider, Kari Alldredge, Kaywin Feldman, Robert Stein, Sebastian Chan
4036 – Effective Altruism, Evidence-Based Giving, and Museums Anne Ferola, Laura Callanan, Putter Bert, Susan Wilkening
4037 – Resume Writing for Emerging Museum Professionals Alissa Whiteley
4038 – Resume Writing for Mid-Career or Career Changers Megan Dickerson, Timothy Lee
4039 – Working Across Generations (or Intergenerationality) Marsha Semmel
4040 – Valuable Lessons in a VUCA World Bernard Banks, Kippen de Alba Chu
4048 – Leading with Intent: A Comprehensive Survey and Analysis of U.S. Museum Board Practices, Policies a Andrew Hahn, Dion Brown, Lisa Melandri
4066 – Road to Results: Outlook on Identifying, Researching and Building Audiences Christopher Taylor, Fraidy Aber
4076 – Forced From Home: Immersing Audiences Into the Global Refugee Crisis Michael Goldfarb, Stephen Figge, W. Richard West
4137 – Activating the Museum in a Canadian Context: Pressing the Restart Button Ailsa Barry, Henriette Riegel, Karen Lee, Pailagi Pandya,