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3238 – Environmental Sustainability – Power, Influence and Responsibility Sarah Sutton, Foekje Boersma, Michael Henry, Karen Daly, Sarah Stauderman
3239 – One Conference, One Book Polly McKenna-Cress, M. Cecile Shellman, Whitney Owens
3240 – Using Selfie Culture to Engage Audiences Mar Dixon, Kathy Greif, Jessica Stringfield, Brooke Rosenblatt  
3241 – Handing Over the Reins: Teens as Content Creators Michael Norris, Carolina Zataray, Elizabeth Pickard, Julia Taylor  
3242 – Repatriating the Maori Head: The Power of a Small Museum to Effect Change Sebastien Minchin  
3243 – Really Making a Difference? Measuring Impact in Schools Moya McFadzean, Jessica Walton, Jan Molloy, Joanne Jones-Rizzi, Jacquelyn Lewis-Harris,  
3244 – A Digital Frontier: The Art of Analytics Kai Frazier – Sabo, Dacia Massengill, Douglas Hegley, Divya Heffley,  
3245 – Culture Club: Making It Real, Keeping It Real Eric Bruce, Michele Nichols, Kristin Prestegaard, Matthew Welch  
3246 – Mission Possible: Training 21st Century Docents Debra Hegstrom, Nicole Claris, Kimberly McCray, Anna Schwarz
3247 – A Hub of Creative Energy Russell Davidson  
3249 – The Culturally Responsive Database Emily Houf, Terri Anderson, Marya McQuirter, Vickie Stone  
3250 – Public Participation in Scotland: Museums Are Part of It! Bragela Hornal, Richard McBrearty, Alison Turnbull  
3251 – Making the Perfect Pitch: An IMLS Grant Writing Workshop Connie Bodner, Helen Wechsler, Sandra Narva, Steven Shwartzman  
3252 – Paying the Price of Admission Elaine Heumann Gurian, Lisa Townsend, Mimi Hahn, Doreen Bolger  
3253 – What If Twitter WERE the Program? Rebecca Gillette  
3254 – Comic-Con: How Museums Can Create Super Fans Matthew Welch, Kristin Prestegaard  
3255 – Partnering for Success: Maximizing Peer Networks Jessica Sack, Caroline Mah, Jayne Goeddeke, Ryan Hill  
3256 – Grant Writing Basics for Small Museums Sara Arnas, Edith Gonzalez Salva, Bella Desai  
3257 – Stepping Up: The Challenges of Becoming a Museum Director Amy Bischof, Rex Garniewicz, Elizabeth Greenberg, Victoria Ramirez, Julian Siggers, Julia Marciari-Alexander  
3258 – Refugees, Social Engagement and the Learning Museum Line Chayder  
3259 – The Power of a Campaign: Capital Campaign Clinic Carl Hamm, Bryan Knicely, Molly Rawn
3260 – Poppies at the Tower: The Story Behind an Epic Installation Michael Day  
3261 – Legitimizing Irreverence in the Museum Robert Rutherford, Julia Malta-Weingard, Cate Thurston, Stephanie Foster  
3262 – Effective Strategies for Building Interactive Kiosks Saul Sopoci Drake, Brent Brookler, Jasen Emmons  
3263 – Construction 2.0: Lessons Learned in Large and Small Museums William Powers, Mark Peterson, Christopher Provan, Cynthia Bettison  
3264 – Engaging Everyone: Facilitating Multigenerational Programs Lauren McCormack, Lindsay Genshaft, Tim Porter  
3265 – Power to the People: Washington Gives Back Patricia Tuohy, Julie Kutruff, Erin Mast, Anne Armstrong  
3266 – Lesson Learned: Successful Museum Building Projects Sarah George, Leonard Garfield, Bruce Karstadt, Martha Morris, Richard Piacentini  
3267 – The Power of the Play Andrea Jones, Douglas Coler, Ilene Dackman-Alon  
3268 – Direct Care Decisions at the National Trust for Historic Preservation Libbie Hawes, Ashley Wilson, Carolyn Wallace  
3269 – Platforms for the Unpopular Anna Kassinger, MaryEllen Salamone, Jeremy Stoddard, Kristen Looney  
3270 – Achieving Excellence: Award Winners’ Stories & Strategies Anthony Pennay, Andrea Jones, Jane Burrell, Ali Tonn, Callie Hawkins, Meredith Gregory  
3271 – Museum Professional Development & Training: A Timely Responsibility Kimberly McCray, Betsy Bowers, Sarah Chicone, Stephanie Brown  
3272 – Today’s Looted Art Is Tomorrow’s Provenance Problem Patty Gerstenblith, Sharon Cott, Hermann Parzinger, Gerard Vaughan  
3273 – Starting an Accessibility Initiative in a Small Museum Tina Keegan  
3274 – An UNESCO Recommendation: Protection & Promotion of Museums Carlos Brandao, Lourdes Monges  
3275 – Community Museums & Neighborhoods: Gentrification In & Around Cultural Institutions Stephanie Wilchfort, Camille Akeju, Elysia Borowy-Reeder, Carlos Tortolero  
3276 – Making Small Museum Collections Accessible Kristen Evangelista, David Serxner, Emily Jack, Emily Croll  
3277 – Transforming Your Membership Model Requires Serious Thinking Leslie Findlen, Merritt McNeely  
3278 – Next Narratives: Changing Audiences Need New Stories Christy Coleman, Zachary Levine, Anita Kassof, Hunter O’Hanian
3279 – The Elephant in the Room: What Can We Do With Our Ivory? Carlene Stephens, Stephen Knerly, Marshall Jones, Cheryl Braunstein  
3280 – Mobile App Development: Moving from Concept to Product Rebecca Dupont, Dana Puga, Laura Lipp  
3281 – Reducing Hiring Bias in Museums Suezette Robotham, Kieran Snyder, Anne Gregory  
3282 – Building the Ed Shed: A Small Museum’s Answer to Big Needs Jeffrey Aronowitz  
3283 – Welcoming LGBTQ Communities: A Resource for Museums Barbara Cohen-Stratyner, Michael Lesperance, Jaden Hansen  
3284 – Getting It Right on Rights: Navigating R&R Practices Sofia Galarza Liu, Megan Bryant, Walter Lehmann, John French, Deborah Wythe, Michelle Gallagher Roberts  
3285 – Everyday Ethics Janet Marstine, Rowan Brown, Sally Yerkovich  
3286 – Blended (Onsite and Online) Learning Programs for Teachers David Randle, Veronica Alvarez, Claire Moore  
3288 – Power of Dialogue Programs: Examining Goals and Outcomes Elizabeth Kollmann, Conny Graft, Todd Palmer, Keni Sturgeon  
3289 – Mining Your Data! Sheri Levinsky-Raskin, Karen Plemons, Jackie Armstrong  
3290 – Behind the Lines: Collections Storage and Rules for Access Sebastian Encina, Amber Anderson, Christa Deacy-Quinn, Kelly Griffith-Daniel   
3291 – Museum Workers Speak: One Year Later Alyssa Greenberg, Adrianne Russell, Nina Pelaez, Monica Montgomery   
3292 – What’s Love Got to Do with It? Micah Parzen   
3293 – Embracing the Power of Older Adult Volunteers Maretta Hemsley-Wood, Marjorie Abbot, Samual Jones   
3294 – Energy Efficient Cold Storage for Museums Rebecca Ellis, Michele Pacifico, Jeremy Linden  
3295 – Environmental Sustainability Sins Confessional Stephanie Shapiro, Beka Economopoulos  
3296 – Papa Don’t Preach: Compelling Issues-Based Exhibitions Sheri Bernstein, Ben Garcia, Kelly McKinley, Jonathan Alger  
3297 – Empathy & Evil: Moving Beyond ‘Good-guy/Bad-guy’ Narratives Adam Nilsen Sean Kelley, Linda Blanshay, Seth Frankel
3298 – Creating Change:Opportunities for Urban Girls in STEM Lynda Kennedy  
3299 – Power to Preserve: Creating a Collection Care Culture Patricia Silence, Katherine Garrett-Cox, Maryanne McCubbin  
3300 – Embracing the Power of Teen Volunteers Deirdre Araujo, Sage Morgan-Hubbard ,  
3301 – Reveal the Learning: Capturing Visitors’ Reflections Tsivia Cohen, Jessica Keyes, Catherine Hughes  
3302 – 75 Ideas in 75 Minutes: Boosting Engagement at Small Museums Dulce Kersting, Noël Harris, Jaclyn Wood, Jody Crago  
3303 – Treasuring Teachers: Building Your Educator Community Bonnie Showers, Bryan Bonham, Kathryn Metz, Beth Crownover  
3304 – The Struggle is Real: A Game Plan for Ethical Conundrums Elizabeth Varner, Nathan Jones, Sheila Hoffman, James Burns  
3305 – Future Choices: Enacting Best Practices for the Profession John Fraser, Ron Kagan Dan Yaeger  
3306 – Visitor to Member to Donor: Which Management Model Works? Mark Mills, William Harris, Molly Rawn,  
3307 – Using Your Power: Social Media for Advocacy  
3308 – Framework for Learning Through Making: Tools for Museums Peter Wardrip, Lisa Brahms, Christopher Reich  
3309 – Developing Creative Collaboration and The Power of Exhibition Media Jean Francois Léger, Maggie Burnette Stogner, Ricardo Andrade  
3310 – Zen and the Art of Successful Negotiation Dan Yaeger  
3311 – Partnerships: Federal Collections in Non-Federal Museums Anna Pardo, Emily Palus, Patrick Lyons ,  
3312 – Totems, Yarn Bombs & Swing: Fostering Adult Creativity Brett Dion, Elyse Newman, Julia Malta-Weingard ,
3313 – Museums as Platforms for Dialogue and Social Change Karleen Gardner, Merilee Mostov, Rosa Cabrera, Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko,  
3314 – Influence with Integrity: Models for Museum-Based Youth Development Programs Keni Sturgeon, Linda Aaron Gillis, Jen Kretser, Molly Dickerson  
3315 – Bilingual Multimedia in Exhibitions Beth Redmond-Jones  
3316 – Embracing the Power of College Interns as Volunteers Herbert Jones, Omar Eaton-Martínez, Megan Millman  
3317 – The Power of Words: Written, Spoken and Designed Judy Rand, Porchia Moore, Kris Nesbitt, Carol Bossert  
3318 – Museums, Creativity, and Evidence of Impact on People’s Lives Cindy Foley, Heather Nielsen, Lisa Brahms  
3319 – Out of Many, One: From Personal Stories to Public Narratives Amy Weinstein, Margaret Middleton, Miriam Bader, Paul Bowers  
3321 – Insiders and Outsiders: Struggles in Exhibit Design Teams Clare Brown, Walter Crimm, Polly McKenna-Cress, Whitney Owens   
3322 – One for the Team: Staff Engagement in a 21st-century Museum Ruth Shelly, Lee Roueche, Roslyn Schaffer, Alissa Whiteley   
3323 – Beyond Pride: Drawing LGBTQ Audiences into the Museum Margaret Middleton, Barbara Cohen-Stratyner, Lauren Cross, Paul O’Brian   
3324 – Do the Impossible: Transforming with Civic Engagement & Data Jeff Kennedy, Anil Mangla, Bryan Bayles, Kate Rogers   
3325 – Slave Wrecks Project: How to Create Empowering Partnerships Deborah Mack  
3326 – Works for Hire: Protect Your Institution’s Intellectual Property Andrew Bart  
3327 – No “I” in Team: Decolonizing the Museum Through Collaboration Katherine Barry, Cynthia Chavez Lamar, Lilyan Jones  
3328 – Tech Tutorial: Organize and Manage your Digital Assets Charles Walbridge, Shyam Oberoi  
3329 – Stages of Sustainability: Your Next Steps Shengyin Xu, Charles Walbridge, Jerry Foust  
3330 – A Dream Team: The Curator, Fundraiser, and Philanthropist Matthew McLendon, Anna von Gehr  
3331 – Can we Talk? Museums Hosting Tough Conversations Kris Morrisey, Jennifer Scott, Kamille Bostick  
3332 – Making a Good End: How to Close a Museum Gary Smith, Jill Hasling ,  
3333 – Earned Income 101: Managing Retail, Ecommerce & More Megan Williams Beckert, Paul Flickinger, Mary Baerg, Barbara Lenhardt, Janice Yablonski-Hickey  
3334 – Community of Practice: Your Professional Learning Community Greg Stevens, Kris Wetterlund, Anthony Pennay, John Falk,  
3336 – The Future of Ability, Disability and Accessibility Elizabeth Ziebarth, Day al-Mohamed, Ryan O’Shea, Tim Cannon  
3337 – TrendsWatch 2016 Elizabeth Merritt  
3338 – Museums for All Charlayne Murrell-Smith, Jane Werner, Aleksandra Karlova, Brendan Cartwright  
3339 – Using 3D Technology to Engage Museum Audiences Carolyn Thome, Briana White, Steve Sarro, Cody Coltharp
3340 – Game On! The Impact of Ongoing Games in Museums Cheryl Bartholow, Keith Ostfeld, Francisco Souki  
3341 – Illuminating Experience: How LED Lighting Can Enhance Exhibits Sara Urizar, Avraham Mor  
3342 – Free for Good: Engaging Visitors with Free Membership Christopher Mangum-James, Karen Satzman, Julianne Amendola  
3343 – A Capital Idea! Unique Alternate Funding Sources Lisa Anderson, Andrew Verhoff  
3344 – Priceless Collections Require Specialized Security Mark Peterson, Stevan Layne, Robert Carotenuto, Richard Boardman  
3345 – Lost in Balboa Park: A Unified Digital Strategy Nik Honeysett  
3346 – Professional Collectives as New Learning Models Rebecca Aleman, PJ Policarpio, Pablita Santos, Stephanie Cunningham  
3347 – What We Talk About When We (Don’t) Talk About Women in Museums Joan Baldwin, Anne Ackerson, Marieke Van Damme, Jessica Ferey  
3348 – Skwishing Your Museum: A Guide To Sustainability Leah Best, Alexandra Hatcher, Linda Digby  
3349 – Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained Karleen Gardner, Nathan Richie, Tami Brown, Merilee Mostov  
3350 – En-TRANCE-formation: The Role of Entrances in Museum Expansions Stephanie Randazzo Dwyer, Robert Portnoff  
3351 – Creating An Accessible Exhibition Using Beacons Daniel Davis  
3352 – Curating Intersectionality at The Nation’s Museum Ariana Curtis, Joanne Hyppolite, Adriel Luis  
3353 – Beyond the Elevator Pitch: Writing a Successful NEA Grant Wendy Clark  
3354 – Inclusion Strategies that Extend Beyond Separate Programs Leigh Ann Mesiti, Jo-Elle Mogerman  
3355 – Pivot Point: Preparing to Engage Contemporary Issues Melanie Adams, Paul Martin, Estevan Rael-Galvez  
3356 – Harnessing the Power of Visitor Satisfaction Scores Keri Ryan, Kelly McKinley, Marcus Harshaw  
3357 – Finding True North: Where Mission and Community Meet Nicholas Capasso, Kathryn Acerbo-Bachmann, Annelisa Addante, Katherine Abbott   
3358 – Mistakes Were Made! Linda Norris   
3360 – Marketing Matters: Museums as Cultural Tourism Destinations Liz Brooks, Tiffany Russell   
3361 – Zeroing in on the Zeitgeist: Leveraging Pop Culture Kristen Hoskins, Justin Spielmann, Karin Moughamer, Jessica Reed  
3362 – Historic Preservation at 50: Ensuring the Past Has a Future Jan Seidler Ramirez, Jillian Galle, Patricia Capone, April Counceller  
3363 – 75 Ideas in 75 Minutes: Fresh Ideas for Audience Engagement Meghan Curran, Daniel Summers, Rebecca Gilliam  
3364 – Social Responsibility and Accessibility at Fallingwater Ashley Andrykovitch, Roy Young, Lauren Johnson  
3365 – Where’s the Power: Considering Our Place Dwandalyn Reece, Fabiana Chiu-Rinaldi  
3366 – Listening to Latina/os: Research and Outreach for Inclusion Michelle Tovar, Cecilia Garibay, Michelle Gomez  
3367 – Going Beyond: Empowering Visitors’ Transcendent Experiences Lois H. Silverman, Dawn Eshelman, Charles Fulcher, Ben Garcia, Amber Harris
3368 – Another Way: Embracing Diverse Expertise in Curation Ann Rowson Love, Denise Drury Homewood, Nicole Suarez, Pat Villeneuve
3369 – Engaging Latino Audiences: Lessons from the Museum Community Ranald Woodaman, Margarita Sandino, Oliver Merino, Andrés Navia
3370 – Direct Care White Paper: What It Means to Your Museum
3371 – Do We Need a Museum Act? Examples from East Asia and the U.S. Yuji Kurihara, Inkyung Chang, Yung-Neng Lin, Julie Hart  
3372 – Learning to Change: Benchmarking Museum Inclusion Efforts Joey Novacheck, Chris Taylor  
3373 – Tech Tutorial: Google Analytics for Everyone Brian Alpert, Sara Snyder  
3374 – Interns In Your Museum: The Nuts & Bolts of Legal Compliance Barron Oda  
3375 – Transforming the Workforce: Autism-Friendly Hiring Practices Barbara Johnson Stemler, Samantha Schott, Meredith Gregory, Philip Dallmann, Aliza Greenberg   
3376 – Museums and Law Enforcement: Building Bridges Mark Katrikh, Rebecca Looney, Priscilla Hancock Cooper   
3377 – Power Shift: Advancing New Leadership Roles for Education Elizabeth Baird, George Buss, Cindy Foley, Barbara Henry   
3378 – Collections Space: Planning for the Future Carol Butler, Karen Garlick, Ann Trowbridge, Luanne Greene  
3379 – Public Access: Challenges Surrounding Works in Public Places Faith McClellan, Anne Marie Purkey Levine, Rowan Geiger, Emily Dittman  
3380 – Smithsonian Strategic Security Staffing Analysis Douglas Hall, Jeanne O’Toole  
3381 – 28th Annual Excellence in Exhibition Awards Niki Stewart, Susan Foutz, Douglas Simpson, Robert DeHart, Stacey Swigart
3382 – What Do We Really Mean? The Power of Museum Jargon Elee Wood, Jessica Luke, Cecilia Garibay  
3383 – Taking the Guesswork Out of Audience Building Ellen Walker, Christopher Taylor, Greg Stevens  
3384 – Accreditation 101: Your Guide to the Process and Benefits Katherine Pittman, Amy Bartow-Melia, Cameron Kitchin  
3385 – Practical Approaches to Digital Strategy Planning Liza Lorenz, Janet Asaro, Amanda Thompson Rundahl, Chad Weinard, Sarah Jencks,  
3386 – Convening for Change: Cultural Accessibility Then and Now Christine Reich, Nancy Weiss, Francesca Rosenberg, Robert Cosgrove, Cynthia Overton  
3387 – DAM & DM Strategizing with Collections Management Practices Anne Young, Kayla Tackett, Samantha Norling, Kyle Jaebker  
3388 – Grow Major Gifts WITHOUT a Capital Campaign Kate Brueggemann, Bobby Sanderson, Kirby Neumann  
3389 – Managing Moisture in Museum Environments Jeremy Linden  
3390 – Who You Gonna Call? Resources for Emergencies, Large and Small Jessica Unger, Lori Foley, Beverly Perkins  
3391 – I’ve Got the Power: Data Will Not Break my Heart Elizabeth Kollmann, Susan Foutz, Kris Nesbitt  
3392 – 60 Great Ideas for Historic Sites and Historic Houses Zachary Wnek, Roy Young, Lise Dubé-Scherr, Daniel Hartman  
3393 – Visitor-Centered Social Media for Interpretation Alison Jean, Jennifer Foley, Shiralee Hudson Hill, Larisa Zade  
3394 – Leveling the Field: Museums Sharing Power with Communities Lisa Sasaki, Jane Burrell, Andrea Giron Caroline Goeser   
3395 – Getting Started on Collections Storage Christopher Norris, Lisa Elkin, John Simmons, Robert Waller   
3396 – Getting Started on Collections Planning Elisa Phelps   
3397 – Centering Lived Experience: Stories of Trauma and Museums Irina Zadov, Noah Rauch, Mark Katrikh   
3399 – Getting Started on Audience Research Sarah Cohn  
3400 – 75 Ideas in 75 Minutes: Failure is Not an Option! Tom Jacobson, Donna McGinnis, Patrick Madden, Penelepe Hunt  
3401 – Resume Writing for Emerging Professionals Alissa Whiteley, Greg Stevens  
3402 – Resume Writing for Mid-Career or Career Changers Greg Stevens, Jennifer Thomas  
3404 – Getting Started on Exhibition Development Brianna Cutts  
3405 – Getting Started on Recruiting and Hiring Employees Trevor Jones, Linnea Grim  
3406 – We Who Still Feel Differently: Teens Share Lessons Learned Marit Dewhurst, Gia Grier, Marcus Wong, Rose Fischer
3407 – Do Touch! How Tactile Experiences Grow Museum Inclusivity Steven Landau, Rebecca McGinnis, Amy Kelly, Elisabeth Axel   
3408 – We’re Not That Hard to Find: Hiring Diverse Museum Staff Joy Bailey Bryant, Monica Montgomery, Omar Eaton-Martínez, Tracy Lauritzen Wright, Sheila McDaniel   
3409 – Identity Construction, Community, and The Inclusive Museum Porchia Moore, Josh Gorman, Rose Kinsley, Laura-Edythe Coleman   
3410 – Volunteers Are Donors, Too! Usha Subramanian, Willard White  
3411 – Crowdsourced: A Look at Museum Fundraising in the Digital Age Yoonhyung Lee, Susan Breitkopf, Emily Graslie  
3412 – Make or Break, Do or Die: Frank Talk about Leadership and Governance Marcia DeWitt, Berit Durler, Susan Fisher Sterling, Thomas Loughman  
3413 – New Directions in Philanthropy for Arts & Culture Regina Smith, E. San San Wong, Elizabeth Alexander  
3414 – All You Can Eat: Presenting Food and Ag in Diverse Settings Ari Novy, Eric Denker, Steven Bashore, Sasha Nemecek  
3415 – The Horizon Report: Museum Edition Nik Honeysett, Alexander Freeman, Jack Ludden, Heather Marie Wells  
3416 – Ghosts of Power in the Past, Present and Future Museum Ryan Nutting, Petrina Foti, Ching-yueh Hsieh, Stephanie Bowry  
3417 – Our Exhibition Development Processes Must Change! Peggy Monahan, Tom Hennes, Katherine Whitney  
3418 – Diversity from Talk to Action Earl Lewis, Eric Jolly, Johnnetta Cole, Swarupa Anila  
3419 – In Conversation with Federal Cultural Agency Leaders  
3420 – Getting Real About Museum CEO Leadership Sunnee O’Rork, Ellen Spear, Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko, Scott Stroh  
3421 – Leadership Perspectives: Leveraging and Sustaining Partnerships for Effective Learning Helen Soule, Karen Pittman  
3424 – The Power of Spectacle: Reflecting on the Summer Blockbuster Brett Rodgers  
3425 – Museums at Risk: The Vision of ICOM for U.S. & Global Museums Anne-Catherine Robert-Hauglustaine, Elizabeth Duggal  
3625 – An Inclusive Museum William Pretzer, Michelle Joan Wilkinson, Tuliza Fleming, Joanne Hyppolite