You will hear from presenters who share details about their museum-based youth development programs (YDPs). They will touch on their museum’s responsibility to serve youth and community, the ways their program empowers youth, how their program has impacted their staff and institution, and how it has influenced their participants’ lives in positive ways. Studies have shown that these programs, serving teens between 12-19, help offset harmful pathways and can have powerful impacts on youth and their families, museum staff and the local community. Often run through education departments, YDPs focus on meeting cognitive, social and emotional needs of youth through positive peer and adult relationships; learning and practicing healthy behaviors; building confidence and competence; fostering voice and leadership opportunities; and allowing youth to be appreciated and recognized.

Education, Audience Research & Evaluation track generously supported by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights


  • Madlyn Runburg


  • Keni Sturgeon
  • Linda Aaron Gillis
  • Jen Kretser
  • Molly Dickerson