At AAM 2015, a collective called Museum Workers Speak (MWS) organized a “rogue session” on the topic of museum labor, and it was attended by over 75 participants. This interactive workshop incited a year of virtual and in-person conversations about the relationship between museums’ stated commitments to social justice and their internal labor practices._x000D_ These dialogues amplify the voices of many museum workers, elucidating shared experiences that are often silenced. In this session, you will hear insights crowd-sourced from the wide-reaching MWS community. It further propels this conversation into the mainstream, offering strategies for museum workers to develop a more inclusive workplace, challenge entrenched power dynamics, and organize for more equitable futures.

Career Management track generously supported by Johns Hopkins University MA in Museum Studies


  • Jillian Reese


  • Alyssa Greenberg
  • Adrianne Russell
  • Nina Pelaez
  • Monica Montgomery