Museum theatre powerfully connects visitors to museum content. This session will feature examples of museum theatre that examine power, influence and responsibility. Spurred by the plays, you will develop new ideas for using museum theatre to address these themes. _x000D_The play “Bessie Bluefeld” about an entrepreneur who founded a business in the face of the Great Depression and wound up serving kosher meals at the White House. “Legend of the Crossroads” is a retelling of the myth of Robert Johnson in which the devil himself reveals the seductive influence of promise and redemption. “Eco Explorers” asks students: Is the greater good worth more than the needs of one oppressed individual? Is the present more important than the future?

Education, Audience Research & Evaluation track generously supported by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights


  • Elizabeth Pickard


  • Andrea Jones
  • Douglas Coler
  • Ilene Dackman-Alon