“We develop our exhibitions on themes such as belonging, difference and racism. We identify curriculum links and produce educational materials. But how do we measure the deep connections our exhibitions are making and the genuine impact they are having?_x000D_In this session, you will learn about the processes, findings and challenges of a schools audience research project recently undertaken for the “”Identity: yours, mine, ours”” exhibition at Melbourne’s Immigration Museum. This study used a range of qualitative data gathering and analysis techniques to measure the impacts on students’ attitudes and behaviours relating to prejudice and racism. The U.S. touring exhibition ‘RACE. Are We So Different?’ will provide a comparative case study.”

Education, Audience Research & Evaluation track generously supported by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights…


  • Moya McFadzean
  • Jessica Walton
  • Jan Molloy
  • Joanne Jones-Rizzi
  • Jacquelyn Lewis-Harris